Travel Tip: How To Be A Pleasant Traveler

Traveling almost always requires the use of a plane, train or public transportation of some sort. With limited space, how you act can either make people near you like you or wish you weren’t on their trip. Overall, there are two types of travelers: considerate travelers and those best referred to as NOT considerate- the ones who can make a short 3 hour flight seems like 10. 

Here are 4 quick tips on how to NOT be an annoying traveler, but rather a pleasant one:

During my trip to Los Angeles this weekend, I had the unfortunate seat in front of two very loud, talkative guys. Thankfully there are headphones, but sometimes I don’t want to be forced to listen to something just to tune someone out. There’s nothing wrong with conversation, but like at a library, be considerate of those around you. We are all stuck next to one another for x amount of hours in a small, very confined space- the least you can do for your fellow travelers is to be mindful.

Let’s be honest- we all enjoy different scents and something that’s delightful to your nose, may not be to another. This is a self explanatory point, but you’d be surprised at how many people aren’t considerate. Do not drown your body in perfume- some people may be allergic while others may not want to sit near a walking perfume store. Do shower. Again, you’d think this is obvious, but I’ve sat next to a smelly man before and the that 10hour transatlantic flight was brutal. If you smoke, try your best to not bring the smell of cigarettes with you. Many people feel nauseous around that smell, myself included. All in all- just be considerate of others.

PDA- Public Display of Affection. I feel as if I heard that abbreviation all through middle and high school along with the instructions of not to display it. Y’all don’t get me wrong, when I’m next to Chris, I love holding his hand and putting my head on his shoulders when I rest- but there’s also a line. Don’t be that couple that keeps making out and rubbing on each other. Nobody wants to sit near or next to THAT couple, especially families with young kiddos. Just don’t be that couple. There’s a time and a place and a plane isn’t a place.


Once again, this seem like another point I shouldn’t have to cover, but how many times do people hit your chair from behind or overuse their seat and take up a bit of yours? Keep your belongings under the seat in front of you. Keep your hands, legs and feet from continuously hitting the seat in front of you. Keep to your seat. Keep to yourself.

Next time you travel, keep these simple tips in mind. Your fellow traveler may not verbally thank you, but they will be grateful for your behavior! Trust me.