Travel Tip: How to Beat Jet Lag

Jet Lag- the dreaded part of most international travels. If you’ve done some long travels internationally, chances are you have had to deal with jet lag. So, how do we handle jet lag so our trips are more enjoyable and less tiring? Unfortunately, this isn’t a symptom that has a definite cure or a perfect answer. Every human body is different and when you’re flying between many time zones, you’re body will handle it differently then those sitting next to you, no matter how many times you may travel. With that said, our Travel Tip guide is here to assist you with 5 ways to easy your jet lag and make your trip more enjoyable so you don’t lose time and energy! 

When planning a trip, with a decent time change, preparing your body mentally is just as important as preparing for the trip. With a week out, try slowly going to bed later or earlier (depending whether you’re going forward or backwards in time). If you go to bed 30-45 minutes earlier, or later, everyday for a week and/or wake up earlier, you can help beat that dreaded jet lag by the time you arrive at your destination.


Wherever you’re traveling, try your best to plan a decent flight schedule. Now, we understand that budget may be a top priority, it is for us, but there are so many options when booking- try to pick one that may help you adjust best. If you’re embracing the long layovers, maybe opt to stay over night at your layover location. If you’re flying nonstop and going forward in time, pick an over night where you can embrace sleeping and getting some shut eye before jumping ahead several time zones. Options are there- just research and plan!


Hydration is key for feeling great! It’s proven that the more water you drink the better you look and feel. When traveling, it’s easy to not want to drink something because you’re crammed in a metal tube thousands of feet in the sky and going to the restroom mid flight can be a drag. However, drinking plenty of water will help keep your every levels up and help with the jet lag. Usually, when people get tired on a flight it’s natural to go for a coffee, alcohol or soda, but all of these options will provide you with short term energy and will only dehydrate you! As the effects of the caffeine wear off, dehydration can actually worsen your jet lag. If you need a little pick me up, try a green tea as an alternative. You get a burst of energy from the caffeine with less dehydration than coffee. Moderation is key here and if you decide to have an alcoholic beverage, a soda or coffee, at least try to have some water with it to keep you hydrated.


On travel days we recommend small meals. Since you’ll be spending a good amount time in a seated position, it’s best to not stuff yourself before you start your journey. A light meal for breakfast and lunch will provide you with enough energy to keep you going and keep you from falling into that food coma.  Be sure to eat somewhat healthy as well. Grease and fried foods will not be our friend, but instead try fruits, a smoothie, salads and something along these lines. Plus, with limited time and space to use the restroom, it’s best not to fill up the tank and then have lighten the load mid-voyage, if you catch our drift.


The single greatest thing to do when you arrive at your destination is to embrace the rest of the day, no matter how long it may be. If you’re traveling forward in time, it might be tempting sleep in throughout your trip- don’t! I don’t know about you guys, but we sure get really excited when we arrive at the destination that we want to explore it as soon as we’ve dropped everything off at wherever were staying. Let the excitement fuel your energy during your first couple of days and that will make your trip so much easier! Try setting your alarm for a reasonable time, such as 9am during the next few days and do your best to go about your day as if that’s your daily schedule.


We hope these tip are of assistance to your next long trip! Let us know where you’re going in th comments below and don’t forget to to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.