Travel Tip: Why Global Entry is a MUST

Chris is American and I’m a US permanent resident who’s nationality is from Brasil. Global entry is applicable to US citizens and permanent residents who wish to both be 1) TSA Pre check and 2) Wish to make the Customs process quicker and easier. If you travel internationally, or nationally, frequently, this $100 investment is well worth it. Here is why I recommend everyone apply for Global Entry, ESPECIALLY non US citizens that are permanent residents:
As mentioned in the intro, when you apply for Global Entry you automatically get TSA pre check. If you want to skip the lines, keep your shoes on and go through security quicker, this status will allow you to do so! Also- if you chose to get ONLY TSA pre check, it’s $85. If you do Global Entry, it’s only $15 more and you get so many more advantages! Though the lines for TSA have grown over the years, I still believe you go through security faster, since you’ve already completed multiple background checks through the Global Entry application.
So we just got back from Spain and Portugal and I literally went through the Global Entry line in 30seconds, and that’s because I scanned the wrong document first (rookie mistake!). Chris, who is a US citizen, took about 10 minutes- which isn’t bad but the lines weren’t too long! Last time I went through the line without Global Entry & just my Green Card and it took me 1.5hours- while Chris got through in 15mins. 1.5hours compared to less than 1 minute- that’s insanely different
TSA Pre check & Global Entry have a presence in most major USA airports- full list here . Basically, this means that you can keep your shoes on & jacket on and fly through the lines. Why? Well, when you apply you go through backgrounds checks, decades of work history, living history and much more. You essentially give A LOT of personal information and that’s why you are pre screened. Read below for how to apply + tips!
If you aren’t a US citizen 
Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a green card holder. When I came back from my honeymoon in August of 2016 the immigration line for me took SO LONG, and that’s because I have a green card! With immigration always being a hot topic in politics, you never what is going to happen and in my opinion, whatever I can do to show I’m willing to go through all sorts of background checks to ensure I am a law-abiding, soon-to-be USA Citizen, I will gladly do it.
To apply for Global Entry, visit:
Once you have filled out all of your information, your application will then need to be approved. Once you are approved, you will then select a date for an interview. Usually, your interview will be 1+ month out but check back often. Spots open up and you can re-schedule your appointment for an earlier time.
Global Entry make traveling easier whether internationally or domestic. If you have a clean record and travel often, apply. The application may take an hour plus time interviewing, but it makes up for the long lines at the airport- trust me!