Travel Review: The Sun Palace- Cancun, Mexico

One of the best parts about living in Dallas, Texas is the proximity to most cities in the US, Canada & Mexico. This year for the 4th of July long weekend, we decided to embark in an all-inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico. Neither of us had ever been, so going together for the first time was exciting, fun and simply relaxing.

Thanks to a close friend of ours who travels to Mexico often, shoutout Danea, she guided us to ultimately pick the Sun Palace. The Sun Palace is a 4 Star hotel with impressive reviews anywhere you look. This beach front property is all-inclusive and had some of the best hospitality I’ve ever encountered at a hotel. We had such a positive experience, that we decided to share an exclusive post over this property and share some reasons on why you should stay here. 


Cancun, Mexico
Sun Palace in Cancun, Mexico


The Sun Palace is located on the South part of Cancun and only 15 minutes away from the airport! Depending where you book your trip, we booked through Sun Country Airlines , most options let you add on hotel/airport transfer. This makes the trip easier and faster while being cheaper and safer than taxis.

With the resort being located in the Hotel Zone, this assures safety and proximity to shopping areas, restaurants, beach activities and so much more. The Sun Palace is about 10 minutes away from the best shopping malls in Cancun. The hotel is also located in a more secluded part of the strip, giving you a more intimate and relaxing vacation.

Sun Palace in Cancun Mexico


The Sun Palace offers fresh ingredient cuisines, giving you an exotic dining experience. The hotel features various styles of cuisine in their different restaurants in addition to 24/7 room service and pool side snack bars. Whether you are sun bathing on the beach or poolside, the restaurant is open to you. Servers come around rotationally with drink and food orders, and the best part, it’s all included! PS. I highly recommend the fish tacos while on the beach.

For meals during the day and/or night time, the restaurants in the hotel are all fine dining experiences. Venture to the pool side restaurant, The Steak, for some surf and turf or indulge in an italian inspired environment with La Tratto. The Sun Palace makes sure you stay well fed and well hydrated throughout your stay!

Sun Palace in Cancun Mexico
Parasailing in Cancun, Mexico


If you know Chris and me, you know we don’t like to sit still for long. I love sun bathing and swimming just as much as the next beach bum, but I enjoy being active. We quickly figured out the water volleyball and sand volleyball schedule and we played every day while we were there. The really neat part about this was the people we met. Every day, the same group of people, merely strangers to one another, came together and played volleyball daily. Though we only knew little about each other, it felt like we were all friends while we had some friendly fun competitions. We got to know people from England, New Jersey, people celebrating retirement, people celebrating a pregnancy, and people, like us, who just wanted to escape for the weekend.

Outside of the hotel, there are tons of excursions you can sign up for. From zip lining to visiting archaic ruins, there is something for every traveler. As we were there for a short period of time, we decided to stay put and enjoy everything our hotel area had to offer. The only activity we embarked on outside of the hotel was parasailing. This was something we had both wanted to do but never had. The views from up there were stunning and I highly recommend this to anyone. Its an easy ride up, and down, and it’s well worth the money!

Cancun, Mexico


Depending on your length of stay, you are rewarded with x amount of hotel money to be spent in various areas. For us, since we were there for a long, relaxing weekend, we opted to use most of our money on a couples massage. After you change into your robe and slippers, you await by the saunas and hot tub with some delicious tea. After your massage experience is done, we you are invited to  further relax in the saunas to let your bodies refresh. You can chose between a dry or steam room, shower or a hot tub to unwind.  The spa was a wonderful way to use the hotel credits and we opted for a massage on the last day. This was the perfect way to relax before we returned home the next day.

Sun Palace in Cancun Mexico
The Alamo at the Sun Palace

The Sun Palace is luxurious, has a killer secluded part of the beach and it’s quaint. This is the perfect spot to venture to for a girls weekend, a couples trip or a romantic stay. While it’s a smaller hotel in a more quiet part of the beach, there is still much to do, see and experience. 


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