Travel Guide: The Perks of Seville, Spain

Ahhhhh, Sevilla. The flamenco, the architecture, the sangria- everything about this city is perfect. From the second we stepped off our bus, I felt the energy of this city. That feeling stayed until the day we left for Madrid and we both wish we could have stayed longer. Although there are so many wonderful things to see and do while in one of Spain’s largest cities, here are some of our recommended highlights from our time in the beautiful, Seville.

AirBNB, Seville
AirBNB, Seville


Usually, we tell you guys to stay in a specific neighborhood or tell you that an AirBNB or certain hotels are great options. Though they are, this time we are telling you exactly where to stay. Don’t get me wrong, in my eyes, anywhere you stay close to the city center is perfect, but there is one AirBNB that I simply fell in love with. The Palace House Room in Center Sevilla is a 1 bedroom rental filled with charm, a centralized location and one fantastic host! When I think of a home in Spain, this apartment is what came to my mind before I even found it. Within a 5 mile radius, you will find tapas restaurants/bars, flamenco entertainment, the Real Alcazar de Sevilla and the largest Gothic Cathedral in the World. If you are going to Sevilla and seeking an authentic experience, AirBNB is your best friend, and so is Juan and his apartment!

Gusto, Seville
El Pinton, Seville
El Pinton, Seville


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people travel and eat things they could get at home, aka, Starbucks. To me, one of the points of traveling is to explore the unknown and what better way to explore a place then to try local food. Gusto was at the corner of our street and became our espresso stop while in Sevilla. This place has a modern, urban vibe to it. Although they are open all day, their breakfast was what caught our stomachs attention!

El Pinton
El Pinton is a restaurant next door that was actually somewhat a part of the apartment building we stayed in. We always saw it as we walked in and out of our AirBNB, but we didn’t venture into it until our last night in Sevilla. This place was straight out of an Anthropologie catalogue and I fell in love with how pretty everything is here (can you tell who is writing this blog?)! When in Spain, you tapas. Tapas are small plates of food, which is the perfect way to try several dishes at once while sharing. The two tapas that stood out here was their Seviche Peruano and their Huevo en Tempura (Fried Egg). The Seviche was the perfect amount of citrus while the Huevo en Tempura was the greatest served egg we’ve ever had. We highly recommend checking this hidden gem out. We seriously wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t for our AirBNB. Just another reason why you should lodge like a local!

Restaurante Panoramico La Terraza
As a part of the EME Catedral Hotel , La Terraza is a rooftop restaurant with VIP views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Seville Cathedral.  You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy this view, but you’ll wish you were when you see the rooftop pool. Whether you dine here, or come grab a refreshing drink, you must check this place out at night time. The Cathedral seems to glow against the night time sky and you can’t beat a view like this anywhere else in the city.

Cathedral of Seville, Seville
Plaza de Espana
Seville, Spain


As previously mentioned, Sevilla is one of Spain’s largest cities. This means that Sevilla is filled with things to do, and it truly is. From museums to landmarks to theme-parks, Sevilla kept us busy, intrigued and happy. Here are our top 8 must-do’s while in this charming city:

1. Climb to the top of the Giralda Bell Tower, part of the Seville Cathedral, and enjoy the city views of Sevilla at 338feet (103meters).

2. Wander through the grounds of the Real Alcazar while you enjoy the grand botanic gardens and Moorish Architecture.

3. Attend a Flamenco show. Just do it.

4. Row in front of the beautiful Plaza de Espana, also known as Naboo in Episode 2 of Star Wars.

5. Dine at the oldest restaurant in Spain, El Rinconcillo.

6. Gaze upon the Guadalquivir River by standing on the 13th century built, Torre del Oro (Golden Tower).

7. Eat croquettes de jamón (Ham Croquettes), it’s one of the best tapas you’ll have!

8. Attend a bull fighting event at Maestranza, if you have the stomach for bulls being killed as a spectacle. Remember, this is a culture norm for Spaniards.


Real Alcazar, Seville

After our Spain and Portugal trip (See Lisboa, Portugal,  Sintra & Cascais, Portugal) came to an end this past May, I felt myself missing Sevilla more than the other cities we visited. There was something special about Sevilla. If I could, I’d go back today and spend a lot more time getting to know this city, its people and its culture further. If you are the type of person that’s looking for a destination that will give you a raw, authentic & vibrant experience, Sevilla is the perfect trip for you. It was for us!