Travel Guide: The Perks of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Between the two of us, we have set foot in Colorado more than any other state. Before we even started dating, we both went there for ski trips, concerts and for general outdoor activities. In the last 4 years of being together, we have gone to so many areas of Colorado and one of the coolest spots has been Colorado Springs. The best part about traveling to Colorado, if you’re in the USA, is that you can do SO much there in a short amount of time and Colorado Springs is a great destination for a long or quick getaway. Here are some of our recommendations for when visiting Colorado Springs:


Located just 1 hour South of Denver, Colorado Springs is a smaller city with proximity to some of the most iconic Colorado spots! To get to Colorado Springs you can either fly into Denver & rent a car or you can fly into Colorado Springs airport and still rent a car (you’ll need it!). Depending on where you live in the USA, you can always drive in if you are up for a road trip!
Note: Frontier Airlines is based in Denver, CO and frequently has great deals to/from Denver. If you are flexible with your departure date, checkout their Online Deals section for great deals!


When looking for a place to stay, we strongly recommend the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Here, you will get a breathtaking view of the mountains, great resort amenities and it’s a prime location! This resort is on a hill facing beautiful mountain ranges in a near distance. You can golf, play tennis, or have a lovely spa time while here. The resort also features a (heated) pool, gym and lots of space for walking outdoors! In addition to these lovely amenities, there is also a restaurant and bar on location and a fire pit which makes for a great way to wind down your night!

While in Colorado Springs, we strongly recommend exploring the outdoors. You’d think that’d be an obvious given, but there are a lot of people out there who stay fairly close to their hotel and barely explore when on trips (not a huge percentage, but those individuals exist- especially when a hotel/resort has lots of activities within the property). Here are some of our FAVORITE things to do while in Colorado Springs:
Note: depending on the time of year that you travel may alter ability to do some of the following activities.

  • 7 Falls
    Have you ever seen 7 waterfalls cascading down the side of a mountain? We have! 7 Falls is a private area (aka, you gotta pay a small fee to get in) but its a beautiful experience. Here, you can walk down a road or hop on a cart to reach the 7 falls. Once arrived, you will walk up over 200 STEEP steps to the top (seriously worth this calf work out)! Once you’ve reached the top, cool down at the bottom at the restaurant located on the property!
    Note: If you aren’t able to climb up the steeps, fear not- there’s an elevator! 


  • Garden of the Gods
    Garden of the Gods is a public park that features beautiful, red rock formations in the that look like they are just coming out of the ground! If you are currently picturing these rocks, chances are that you have seen this beautiful place on a post card somewhere and didn’t know where it was. This is a beautiful place to explore, take photos and have some fun hiking around the grounds!


  • Pike’s Peak
    Located just 12 miles outside of Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak is one of the tallest summit in the Rocky’s! Though you can drive to the summit (weather permitting), hiking and biking up to the top are some very popular choices. If you are looking for a breath-taking view and the perfect outdoor challenge, this is the top stop to checkout while in Colorado Springs!


  • Manitou Incline
    If you are a fitness junkie looking for a physical challenge, the Manitou Incline is truly the perfect fitness challenge for you. In less than 1 mile you will ascend over 2,000 feet (600+ meters) on this very difficult trail. With extremely steep steps, this climb  does come with a high reward- a stunning view!Other great activities include:
  • Pond Ice Skating (if weather permits)
  • Colorado Springs Zoo
  • Santa’s Workshop (seasonal)
  • Ghost Town Museum
  • & More!

With countless activities, Colorado Springs is a great trip to take with your friends, family or partner. Be ware- if you aren’t an outdoorsy person, this location may not be the best for you. Colorado is a state with thousands of hiking trails, climbs, outdoor activities, extreme sports opportunities and more. With that said, there are some wonderful museums in the city and the zoo is a pretty popular spot as well! Whatever you do, enjoy the outdoors. This city is stunning at all times of the year and you won’t be disappointed!


-Allie & Chris