The Perks of Traveling

When I (Allie) was young, my family traveled every weekend- usually to the beach. When I was 8, my mom and dad sold everything they owned, except for 3 suitcases full of clothes and shoes, and we moved to a different continent. The language was new. The culture was new. The food was new. The way of life was new. This change was scary, exciting, testing and over all, an adventure. Chris and I have been fortunate to get to travel within the USA here and there and once we started dating, we began to travel together. Most of our travels have been within America, but every time we step foot somewhere, it’s a whole new adventure!

Here are the top 5 perks of traveling, according to us, and why we think everyone should travel and the perks of doing so:

School sure teaches us a lot of information but it fails to compare on how much you learn by experience. History has always been my favorite subject, but when you’re in a foreign country, or city, you realize how little you know. Traveling is the greatest educator. There’s no better feeling than to be standing in a castle that was built almost 1000 years ago and has been owned by the family for the majority of that time period. THAT’S history! That’s worth learning about.

If you know me, you know I’m a planner- it’s literally what I’m paid to do everyday of my life. As much as I love to plan almost every detail of my life, there’s something about spontaneity whilst traveling that excites me and my husband. We usually make a list of things we’d like to see or do, but we usually let the destination surprise us! A city has so much to offer beyond the typical tourist attractions- all you have to do is talk to locals. English is a very well known language in most locations, so striking up a conversation with locals is a great way to explore unexpected places!

I know- it sounds like an elementary thought, but really think about it. All nationalities and cultures are different, but I think sometimes we get caught up in our own world and we forget that there are so many other people, cultures, histories and art out there. You don’t always have to step out of your country either to experience this- in the USA alone, every area has their own style and their own voice- it’s beautiful when you step back and see it.

When you’re in a different country, or in a place you’ve never been too, you’re put in a position that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Most people never leave their comfort zone in life because it’s a hard and scary thing to do. Traveling outside of a familiar area creates opportunities for personal growth. It challenges you to use skills that are taken for granted most of the time. It pushes you to have conversations with people you don’t know who may barely be able to speak the same language as you. Interpersonal growth sky rockets while traveling because it essential in most cases just in order to get around. Traveling also challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone when eating as well. If you’re a picky eater you may find yourself in a really tough situation when finding food, if you can find something you like at all. In my experience, I’ve had to try foods I never thought I would like i.e. fresh anchovies on the coast of Italy. When you’re forced to try new things, you just may find that you like things you never would have thought you would enjoy, hence personal growth. You’ll find your personal comfort zone expanded and personal barriers broken down.

Everyone defines goals differently, and what’s fulfilling to one, may not be to another. We truly believe, however, that when you immerse yourself in that destination and you seek to explore its local beauty and hidden gems, it’s fulfilling. You learn to appreciate people and places and respect them and if that feeling isn’t gratifying, what is?


We are just getting started on our adventures and the future is exciting! They say that when you catch the travel bug, you don’t want to stop traveling… they’re right! We are so excited for our upcoming trips this year and we hope that you continue to follow us on our adventures! Be sure to checkout our Instagram & website to learn more about our past trips, ourselves and where we are headed next!



  1. Donna Martin

    We love to travel too. So excited that you started this new adventure . Can’t wait to see what & where life has in store for you & Chris❣
    Donna Martin

    1. Post
      Allie & Chris

      Thanks so much Donna! This has become a hobby we both have a deep interest in so we’re making the most of it!
      Thanks for the support!


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