About Us


We are Chris & Allie Perkins and we are newlyweds as of August, 2016! When not traveling you can catch us trying out new places to eat, attending sports games, theatre productions and planning our next trip! Like most millennials, we love to capture photos of the places we travel to, so we decided to share our journey with you! We are no professionals, but we sure have the travel bug!

Allie was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil and moved to the states when she was 8 years old. She is a true beach girl and loves the warm weather, sunny skies, palm trees and the smell of the ocean that greets you when you catch a cooling breeze. Though she spent her whole childhood and youth on a theatre stage, she enjoys hiking (while praying for no snakes!), swimming, tennis and exploring new places and food.

Chris is originally from Dallas, TX and grew up loving the outdoors, cool weather and playing sports. He has played hockey for almost 20 years and now coaches young kiddos. When he’s not on the ice, you can catch him fishing, working out or doing anything outside. When traveling Chris enjoys hiking, cliff diving and being a foodie. He is also a hat & shoes enthusiast and has quite the collection!


We met in 2007 while in High School in the Dallas, TX area. We are two year apart, Chris being older, and and we were simply good friends and wouldn’t begin dating until 6 years later. The year before Chris graduated from College, he confessed to having a crush on Allie and one year later, in July of 2013, the two started dating. Since we’ve been together, we slowly began traveling and it’s become our favorite hobby. To find out more about our love story, checkout our feature on How He Asked!